Jaguar Service & Repairs

At Sydney Auto Care we are independent Jaguar specialist delivering quality Jaguar servicing , diagnostics andgeneral repairs at competitive prices.

Servicing your Jaguar is more important than most vehicle owners realise. By keeping your Jaguar serviced at regular intervals you will not only keep your resale value at its highest but you will also benefit from identifying potential problems before they happen.

Is your Jaguar under its manufactures warranty?

Australia Laws have changed, which means that Independent Garages can carry out Log Book servicing without making your new car warranty invalid.

Getting your vehicle serviced with Sydney Auto Care means that your cars warranty is always protected. This is because we follow the exact same service schedule as the main dealership together with genuine or approved spare parts which are of “Original Equipment” (OE) quality standard.

Every service includes a full vehicle inspection. If anything wrong is found we contact you to discuss it further before any work is under taken. As our customer you then have the choice of how you want us to proceed. The repair can be taken care of right then, or we can simply advice you of costs and you can book your vehicle in for another day.

Jaguar Diagnostics & Repairs

At Sydney Auto Care we use only approved parts and equipment. With many years of expert knowledge, and the latest diagnostic scanners we will resolve even the most elusive of faults. We deal with a wide variety of electrical and ECU problems as well as being able to re-set your veh8icles dashboard warring lights.

Have a Question? Get in touch with us NOW

To discuss your Jaguar servicing or request a quotation for a service or a repair call Sydney Auto Care or complete and submit our contact form and one of our specialists will be in touch.